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Tarmac driveways


Tarmacadam or tarmac as it is most commonly known, can be one of the most cost effective solutions for surfacing your driveway.

Professionally installed, a tarmac driveway can be very attractive and hard wearing.

 There are a variety of materials that can be utilized for your tarmacadam edging to give your driveway that personal touch.

We only use the finest quality materials and combined with our expert knowledge in installing tarmacadam driveways means your driveway will look as good in years to come as it does when its finished.

Tarmac is available in the traditional colours of black or red.

Easy to install

Extremely durable

High value for money

Can be customised

Easy to maintain

 Variety of edgings in a variety of materials, colours, sizes and design can compliment or contrast with your tarmacadam driveway

  1. Remove the current driveway surface
  2. Grade your driveway slope
  3. Compact the base soil
  4. Cover the base soil with crushed rock (hardcore)
  5. Pack the crushed rock into the subsoil (compact and level)
  6. Allow the base to settle for a week
  7. Compact the asphalt with a heavy roller
  8. Treat the edges of the driveway


Resurfacing a driveway is the process of putting a new layer of tarmac over the existing layer, many properties can benefit from the fact that most existing tarmac and concrete drives can be overlaid with a new wearing course which means minimal disruption and fantastic cost advantages.

Although little maintenance is required, you will need to clean your tarmacadam driveway, path or patio periodically.

Dirt, debris and even moss can gather so to keep your driveway, path or patio surface looking its best why not call us so we can professional clean it for you.



Removed old driveway, dug out, laid hardcore and levelled

in preparation for the tarmacadam surface

Tarmac laid, levelled & rolled to a smooth finish